Why Should You Buy the Samsung Galaxy S3?
Posted on January 22nd, 2013 in samsung phones

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes in varied colors, being Nature inspired, namely Marble White, Pebble Blue, Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey.


Some impeccable features of the phone:


  • Featuring an amazing feature called “Smart Stay”, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue, doesn’t dim its display light until you are looking at it!
  • The “Direct Call” feature of the Smartphone knows when you want to call someone! If you are texting someone but just feel like talking to him by calling, all you need to do is to lift your phone to your ear, and the phone will dial the number for you!


Samsung Galaxy S3


  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue contract phone has a “Smart Alert” feature that lets you know by a vibrating nudge , about the calls you have missed or the messages unseen.
  • It also keeps a track of your friends and loved ones. Their current status can be known by just glancing at their photos.
  • The interactive high end feature called “S Voice” will let you talk to your phone. You can tell it to wake up or set up an alarm or answer a call or even take up a snap!
  • By using the “S Beam” feature of your Samsung Galaxy S3, you can place two S3's together and instantly transfer pictures, songs, videos and more.


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