Mobile Phone Contracts With Free Tablet
Posted on February 5th, 2013 in Mobile Phones with Free Gifts

If you are looking for a mobile phone contracts with free tablet you are at the right place. The deals are the best and cheapest and you will get a tablet all free. You can choose from the many available tablets including the iPad2, LG Optimus, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook, HTC Flyer, and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Based on your budget and preferences you get to choose your deal.


How does the deal work?

Although mobile phone with free tablet sounds like a hoax, the deals actually work. Most mobile phone retailers have been providing free gifts for over 5 years. Now, you must be wondering why they are giving away tablets. The answer is quite simple; they want to be more competitive. The networks specify the monthly line rental and since phones are usually free, they are offering gifts. They provide you with a choice of Blackberry Playbook, iPad2 or Samsung Galaxy tablet when you settle for a new contract.

 Mobile Phone Contracts With Free Tablet

Offered mobile handsets

The phone contracts with free tablet come with a wide range of handset. You have an option to choose from Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Blackberry and others. However, if you want the latest mobile handsets then you will have to pay more. Since the now mobile phones cost you more it is better to choose a phone that is already in the market for a while. If both the phone and the tablet are free this means, for the same amount of free minutes and texts you will pay less every month.


How to choose a deal?

You can choose and compare all the free tablet with mobile phone deals over the internet. You have the liberty to choose the handset and the tablet. You can choose the mobile phone handset and the tablet you like. You can also get contract preferences, which are based on the available free minutes, contract duration, etc., All these offers are updated every day so you can always get back and check the available deal.


Which tablet is best for you?

  • While choosing the tablets you should first look at the free tablet comparison table. One of the main things you should notice is the operating system they run on. The iPad runs on Apple's proprietary OS, while the LG Optimus, Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer are Anroid based.
  • Other thing you may want to consider is the size, weight, display area.
  • Among each brand there is further model differences based on the storage space and 3G options.
  • The models also differ based on connectivity - Wi-Fi only and 3G Wi-Fi


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